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The Snapshot Writing Tool is a great way to get students to write about an exact moment in time.  It is an opportunity to laser focus on how our senses and emotions react to the world and events around us.  

Using this tool, students simply write what they see, hear, feel, smell, see, and taste. This is a great task to aid students in creating imagery within their writing.

It is always written from a first-person perspective and will force your students to think outside the box when describing any event or action in future.

We are giving you this free great planning tool that makes Snapshot Writing accessible to anyone.  Download it here. 

Snapshot writing is greatly enhanced with a visual prompt such as a photo or video. 

It will enhance any writing session and give reluctant writers a great deal of confidence.

Snapshot writing is a valuable exercise that allows students to explore their senses and emotions in response to the world around them. By simply writing what they see, hear, feel, smell, and taste, students can develop their ability to create vivid imagery in their writing. This task encourages students to think creatively and approach events and actions from a first-person perspective. To support this process, we are providing a free planning tool that makes Snapshot Writing accessible to all.

You can download it here. Visual prompts, such as photos or videos, can greatly enhance the Snapshot Writing experience and add depth to the students’ work. By incorporating Snapshot Writing into your sessions, you can boost the confidence of even the most reluctant writers.

My Students always love this writing tool no matter how often we use it.

snapshot writing tool

If you are looking for a collection of unique visual writing prompts and an editable version of the snapshot writing tool which can be found here. 

Get your English students fascinated with writing through this engaging pack of visual writing promptsABSOLUTELY NO PREP REQUIRED, just download and start teaching in minutes.



☀️2024 UPDATE: Just added over 200 DIGITAL Visual Prompt graphic organizers for 1:1 / BYOD / Google Classroom Users. *PLUS* 120 printable visual writing tasks for the classroom or homework. We have upgraded both the digital and paper based content.

This versatile bundle of resources will open up your students’ imaginations as they learn about observing details, writing with precision, and using figurative language. Best of all, this pack contains one photo for every day of the school year. Instead of scouring the Internet for appropriate photos and spending hours every week building your own activities, you can finish your entire year’s writing preparation with a single click.

Here’s what you get:

✍ Over 370 breathtaking, high-resolution photos selected to inspire thought and creativity for a variety of writing tasks.

✍ 40 weekly Snapshot writing activities to ensure that students of any age and ability can respond to the images with direction and purpose.

✍ 200+ Digital Graphic Organizers with awesome visual writing prompts that can be used in Google Classroom, One Note or any digital student/teacher device.

✍ Free download of our Snapshot Writing Tool

✍ 40 Weekly Newspaper report writing prompts and activities using photos and graphic organizers.

✍ Instructions and techniques for pairing the visuals with Snapshot Writing Tool to get the most out of your students.

✍ Two formats: a PowerPoint presentation for large classes and a 416-page eBook for personal or small group use.


This download contains the following sections:

⭐ Weird and Wonderful

⭐ Moments of Terror

⭐ Oddball

⭐ Epic Fails

⭐ Into the Wilderness

⭐ You Gotta See This

⭐ Animal Antics

⭐ What a Wonderful World

⭐ I See It But I Don’t Believe It (Digitally-altered images)

⭐ Warm and Fuzzy

⭐ A Different Time


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