About literacyideas.com?

literacyideas.com is a website determined to improve the literacy skills of all who visit. Growing from humble beginnings into a world-renowned source of truth and simplicity for teachers, students and parents seeking to improve writing, reading and language skills.

What is our purpose?

Our goal is to provide teachers with free and simple solutions to teach reading, writing, language and all aspects of literacy in the classroom. We acknowledge that many students and parents use this site and try to create broad content to meet both needs.

Who writes the content?

literacyideas.com is a team of experienced school teachers and writing professionals. Credit for each article can be found at the bottom of each page. Our authors are experts in their field.

Do we accept paid articles and sponsored articles on the site?

No… We fiercely stand by the model of creating solutions for our audience first and foremost to meet their needs. If a product or organisation later fits that article, we may place an advert within the article.

NOT A SINGLE LINE OF TEXT ON THIS SITE HAS BEEN WRITTEN BY AN ADVERTISER!! – Teachers and educators write teaching content, and advertisers write advertisements. The two shall never meet. So please, stop hassling us.

Who owns us?

A small but savvy educational company owns us called Innovative Teaching Ideas – A registered Australian Company ABN 44 634 115 316 that has been in business for over a decade, providing teachers and students with excellent resources and content.

How can I contact literacyideas.com?

Simple, drop us an email here

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