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If you are still looking for fresh and innovative ways to teach English, look no further than our expertly crafted guides utilizing proven teaching strategies and techniques to assist students of all ages and abilities. With our help, you can make teaching English easier and more effective than ever before.

Popular Teaching Guides

Millions of teachers from around the globe turn to our renowned guides for direction and inspiration. Browse our most popular guides below.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | how to write an information report | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Information Report Writing

Craft compelling information reports! This guide provides step-by-step insights, from research to presentation, ensuring a polished and informative writing experience.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | PERSUASIVE ADVERTISEMENTS | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Creating Advertisements

Learn the art of writing advertisements, exploring techniques to capture attention, highlighting benefits, and leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | how to write a recount | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Recount Writing

Master the art of recount writing! Uncover the essentials for vivid storytelling, capturing experiences with detail and engaging readers in your narrative journey.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | writing a procedure 2 | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Procedural Texts

Dive into procedural text writing, breaking down complex tasks into clear, step-by-step instructions for effective communication and understanding.

Narrative writing Guide
Narratives and Storywriting

Unlock the power of storytelling! Explore the elements of narrative writing, from character development to plot twists, and craft compelling tales.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | how to write biography guide | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Biography Writing

Bring lives to the page! Delve into the nuances of biography writing, capturing the essence of individuals’ journeys with research, empathy, and compelling storytelling.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | Sentence Structure | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Sentence Structure

Unlock the art of effective communication! Explore the intricacies of sentence structure in our insightful guide to dynamic teaching methods.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | elements of literature guide 2 | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Elements of Literature

Dive into the captivating world of literature! Uncover the essential elements shaping timeless stories and profoundly enrich your reading experience.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | authors purpose | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
The Author’s Purpose

Delve into the author’s intent! Uncover the layers of purpose behind literary works, decoding the motives that shape compelling narratives.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | UNDerstanding story elements is an esential reading skill for students of all ages | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Story Elements

Embark on a narrative odyssey! Unveil the essential building blocks that breathe life into captivating tales, exploring the dynamic realm of story elements.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | how to teach inference | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Teaching Inference

Navigate the art of reading between the lines! Unlock the keys to teaching inference, empowering learners to uncover hidden meanings effortlessly.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | MAIN IDEA | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Getting the Main Idea

Master the art of comprehension! Learn effective strategies for extracting the main idea while reading, enhancing your understanding and retention skills..

Literacy,reading,writing,language | 3 fun writing activities | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
7 Fun Writing Activities

Spark creativity with joyous writing pursuits! Explore a spectrum of fun writing activities that turn pens into magic wands, igniting passion and imagination.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | 25 reading Activities for any book | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Evergreen Reading Activities

Transform reading into an adventure! Discover versatile activities applicable to any book, engaging students in interactive exploration and a love for literature.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | LEARN TO WRITE POETRY HERE | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Fun Poetry for Kids

Infuse poetry with joy! Explore creative and entertaining teaching ideas that make learning poetic elements a delightful experience for students of all ages.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | how to write a winning speech | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Writing a Debate Speech

Elevate debate skills in the classroom! Guide students in crafting winning speeches with clarity, persuasive arguments, and impactful delivery for success.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | how to teach fact and opinion 1 | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Teaching Fact and Opinion

Master critical thinking! Empower students with practical strategies for distinguishing fact and opinion, fostering analytical skills in the learning journey.

Literacy,reading,writing,language | teacher in classroom | Literacy Resources for Students and Teachers |
Writing Games for Students

Gamify the writing process! Dive into a world of interactive writing games that turn the creative journey into a thrilling and educational adventure.


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