Snapshot Video Writing Prompt – Space Shuttle Launch (Quickwrite Activity)

Blast off with this great video writing prompt and quick write activity

We are trying new things here at, and over the coming months, we are looking to create a growing library of video content to support teachers and students to become better readers and writers.

So here is our first attempt; this is a video writing prompt for a quick writing activity known as snapshot writing.

Video writing prompt

Snapshot Writing is a great way for students to write about an exact moment.  It is an opportunity to laser focus on how our senses and emotions react to the world and events around us.  

Using this method, students write what they see, hear, feel, smell, see and taste. This is an excellent task to aid students in creating imagery within their writing.

It is always written from a first-person perspective and will force your students to think outside the box when describing any event or action in future.

Simply put the video on and relax as all the guidance and instruction is included in the video itself.

We want to create more of these videos and would greatly appreciate any advice or feedback. If you like what we have produced, be sure to like and subscribe, as there will be more coming in the very near future.

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