Christmas Activity Book

Free 57-page Christmas activity book for Elementary / Primary Teachers

The year has almost passed by, and without your support, in visiting this site, it would have been a tough year.

So the best way that we can thank you is to give you a little present to get you through the Christmas season in the classroom.

Plenty of different content is here to keep your students engaged and save your sanity as we wrap up this year.

How do I get my free Christmas Activity Book?

Download our 57-page Christmas Activity book COMPLETELY FREE HERE. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

With 80 TASKS adding up to TWO WEEKS OF FUN ACTIVITIES, this multi-disciplinary workbook will cover your CHRISTMAS needs for good with NO PREP required! Just print and go!


These elementary/primary Christmas-themed activities will help you teach literacy, writing, numeracy, science, arts and crafts, and just plain old-fashioned fun. The 80 tasks break out into 15 exciting activity areas, including:

❄️ Christmas Comparisons

⭐ Tallying Christmas Temperatures

❄️ Christmas Crossword Puzzle

⭐ Christmas Connections around the Globe

❄️ Christmas Energy

⭐ Christmas Math Word Problems

❄️ Christmas Compound Sentences

⭐ Christmas Calendar

❄️ Christmas Calculations

⭐ Christmas Essay Topics

❄️ Christmas Thinkers Keys Matrix

⭐ Christmas Jumble

❄️ Christmas writing Mega Bundle

⭐ Christmas Coloring Collection

Answers are included for all tasks, but you can easily remove them from these fully-editable documents if you like. This workbook was used and developed over several years by real teachers in real classrooms and is an annual hit with students.


Kev and Belinda