Fun Christmas Writing Tasks

Writing at Christmas is easier for students than at most other times.  A special magic is in the air as Christmas draws closer, and students are full of emotion and memories associated with Christmas.

Hopefully, finding inspiration will be a little easier if you follow the prompts below.  They cover a range of areas of writing.

If you have any Christmas writing prompts to add.  Please contribute to the comments below.


Persuasive Christmas Writing Tasks

Christmas is such a special day we should have it twice a year.

Presents are an essential part of Christmas.

I can prove to you that there really is a Santa Claus by…

Christmas would be more meaningful if we removed presents.

Information Reports about Christmas

History of Christmas through the ages

Jesus and the first Christmas

Christmas traditions around the globe.

Procedural & Descriptive Christmas Writing Tasks

The right way to open a Christmas present

How to prepare a special Christmas meal or dish.

How Santa delivers all the presents of the world in a single night.

The best way to decorate a Christmas tree

Describe the sights, smells and sounds of Christmas.

What is more special to you?  Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

The perfect Christmas day schedule.

Narrative Christmas Writing Tasks

The most memorable gift I ever received or gave…

How I saved Christmas.

How I discovered the true meaning of Christmas

How something so worthless meant so much…

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